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Businesses aren't ran they way they used to.  Health concerns have made companies become creative with how they manage employee communcation with their employees safety.  The need for tools to function as an ecosystem has never been more present.  Comm-Nex understands this and has met the challenge with features such as:

  • Virtual Office for Team Collaboration

  • Comm-Nex Business Voice Service w/ Teams Integration

  • Secure Fax to email

  • And more....


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Comm-Nex Story

TI3 began as a Managed Service Provider that proactively managed networks by finding small problems before they become huge calamities.  We noticed a pattern of hight cost phone systems with minimal features.    We researched various technologies to find a way to reduce the overall fees customer were paying while providing the features thier businesses needed.  We then took our support model for the IT services and applied it to a Voice solution creating the platform we call Comm-Nex.

Comm-Nex Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with a feature-rich experience, that exceeds their expectations of what a telecommunication service can offer their business no matter where their business needs take them.

Comm-Nex Technology

We offer a fully-loaded, all-in-one solution that combines high-quality voice & video with a state-of-the-art, user friendly, platform that allows your employees to stay productive & engaged whether they are in the office or around the world.

Who are we

How Comm-Nex works


Built-in Softphone*: Employees can make or take calls directly in Comm-Nex, with instant access to the calling features they’ve come to expect:
Inbound/Outbound Calls, 3-Way Calling, Speed- Dial, Attended/Unattended Transfer, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, Mute, Hold, Redial, Find Me, Call History, Call Recording
• Call Move: While on a call, users can move between the Comm-Nex desktop and mobile apps with just the push of a button, without needing to put a call on hold first.
• Contacts w/ Presence: See at a glance when coworkers are available to keep daily operations moving efficiently and seamlessly.
• Visual Voicemail: View and manage voicemails on a single screen, including convenient visual message transcriptions powered by Google’s Cloud Speech API.

• Private Sidebar Conversations w/ Audio & Video: Users can speak and screen share with each other during meetings or while in virtual rooms without exiting a meeting or disrupting the main conversation.
• Video-only Support: Also called “bring-your-own PSTN,” Comm-Nex can be deployed as a standalone video product— perfect for businesses that already have their own voice solution!


Get a Room with Comm-Nex

               Virtual Office


Our unified approach to message, video, and phone on any device, anywhere, puts us lightyears ahead of the competition at a fraction of the cost our customers.  Keeping us in line with our the Comm-Nex Vision.

How it works

"You have simplified my work from home experience!"
                                                                                   Reina - Office Manager

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Tel: 1 (678)573-5002

260 Peachtree St. NW Suite 1500 Atlanta, GA. 30303 

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